Thank you very much for your email in regards to teacher-librarians.
I am very much aware that teacher-librarians are teachers with additional skills as my father is a teacher-librarian. I understand the magnitude that the library plays in a child’s education and know that library need to be resourced appropriately with highly trained professionals including adequate support staff and to make sure the funding is directed through to the libraries so they can have all necessary resources for students whether in hard copy or electronically.
I have read through your letter and you have my support. I have responded clearly to the below areas:
* The profession of teacher librarianship and its value in building a literate and information literate nation? Yes Support
* The establishment and maintenance of qualified staffing and support services for libraries in both primary and secondary schools? Yes Support
* Sponsorship in tertiary training courses to ensure that, over a period of time, established staffing standards can be maintained? Yes Support
* Collection of state data on school library staffing, funding, and scheduling, by requiring thorough and consistent collection by Education Queensland? Yes Support
* A statement in your education platform advocating for well-staffed and funded 21st century school libraries for Australia’s students? Yes Support
I will be following up on the below points you also make:
* Question decision makers about diminishing library services in schools in your electorate
* Insist education decision-makers present the research evidence that underpins their decisions
* Ensure education authorities implement best practices for library services as outlined in the research.
I will certainly ensure this is the case in my electorate of Bundamba.
Kind regards,