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Dear Teresa,
Thankyou for your enquiry, I will have to investigate issue further and will speak with our local principals and librarians to gain a better understanding of this situation. I firmly agree with all of your comments and suggestions and add that we should not be having libraries unnattended or unavailable ever. As a father of four with 3 at primary school this is an issue very personal to me and as an electrical engineering tradesperson recognise the importance of quality training and development of staff. I will send a more comprehensive response as soon as possible and would very much like the opportunity to meet with you to gain a greater understanding of what the best solutions are. 
Yours Sincerely .
Matthew Smith
Aus party candidate for Nicklin 0418982594

Please be assured I will support, as below, and any initiative that assists our children to better literacy and a more complete education. I do also understand the swing away from libraries with the advent of the internet, but also believe we need to keep and expand our options for learning.
  • The profession of teacher librarianship and its value in building a literate and information literate nation?
  • The establishment and maintenance of qualified staffing and support services for libraries in both primary and secondary schools?
  • Sponsorship in tertiary training courses to ensure that, over a period of time, established staffing standards can be maintained?
  • Collection of state data on school library staffing, funding, and scheduling, by requiring thorough and consistent collection by Education Queensland?
  • A statement in your education platform advocating for well-staffed and funded 21st century school libraries for Australia’s students?
We are requesting you:
  • Question decision makers about diminishing library services in schools in your electorate
  • Insist education decision-makers present the research evidence that underpins their decisions
  • Ensure education authorities implement best practices for library services as outlined in the research.
Peter McCambridge
0439 946661
Candidate for the seat of Broadwater

At Katter's party we fully support the need to improve our education system.
Any ideas or recommendations are welcome.
Your plans for teacher librarians makes sense and it is something I as a candidate will be supporting.
Thanks for informing me of your ideas, as any input is welcome.
Dean Fisher
Katter’s Australian Party
Candidate for Burleigh
PO Box 448
Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Ph: 0414 893 455

I couldn't agree more with the ideas and sentiments outlined in your attachment.
I am the mother of a 14yo son and have always advocated the importance of reading with him.
One of my key areas of interest if elected is to ensure Queensland children receive the same standard of education as other children in southern states. Apparently out of the top 100 schools in Australia, Queensland has only 3 - namely Boys' Grammar & Girls' Grammar in Brisbane & Matthew Flinders in Buderim.
Liz, if elected I and other Katter's Australian Party (KAP) MP's would definitely work tirelessly for your organisation, however, we must first be elected.
To that end, I now seek your help and that of your organisation's members. Did you know 80% of Queensland is currently under application by mining companies? 80% !!! Did you also know there has NEVER been a mining application refused by a Queensland Government? NEVER.  44,000 coal seam gas (CSG) drilling sites are planned for south east Queensland in the next 3 years!
Research will confirm the full effects of CSG is yet to be totally understood, but here are a few facts we do need clarified:-
When LNP & ALP talk about coal seam gas, we are not told, of course, how much of the top soil is removed for pipe construction & to connect the gas wells, nor that these csg initiatives are going to become large industrial estates that require many hectares, nor how many compressors they'll need, nor what they'll do with the gas in the water. 
They say nothing about the reverse osmosis treatment plants which you'll hear for miles and miles, nor say that once the water is treated where they'll store it because the volumes will be greater than several Sydney Harbours. 
They don't tell us where they'll put the residue nor where the salt will go or what it'll do to the soil. 
They don't tell us it's a 24/7 operation, nor what a fully blown gas field looks like - and the reason they don't tell us is because they think farmers (& ultimately all Australians) will just have to cop it sweet. 
They MOST importantly fail to tell us that the highly toxic chemicals they use will probably render our underground artesian water wells highly poisonous for 300+ years and leave our finite 4% agricultural land desolate and incapable of growing anything or being lived on for hundreds of years also.
Our need for books, reading and education Liz will pale into insignificance if we can no longer access clean, safe food and water! 
There are only 4 weeks til D-Day (election day on 24th March). To stop the evil practice of coal seam gas mining on our agricultural lands which will destroy our fresh water & ability to grow fresh and safe food for hundreds of years I / we/ our community needs the following:- 1.people MUST come to a meeting on for the next 4 Thursday nights at Mountain Creek Tavern from 6pm or get behind their local KAP Candidate if not from this area. 
2. All candidates need a minimum of 50 PASSIONATE volunteers to hand out how to vote cards at polling booths in their electorate on election day on 24th March 
3. If possible, financial donations to assist with costs to pay for how to vote cards, banners & advertising 
4 People to bombard local media demanding they advise local communities about the dangers of coal seam gas mining & demanding a ban on the practice until science catches up 
5 Local citizens happy to have candidate signs up on their front lawns / businesses until election day to promote the fact there is a 3rd option to vote for in this election - it is no longer a 2 horse race 
6 Invite KAP Candidates to speak at local events between now and election to raise awareness of this dire situation so that our community can make an informed voting decision about policies as opposed to personalities 
7. Get informed ... do your own research if you don't believe me and find out about CSG and how it's destroying countries overseas for short term financial gain. 
8. PRAY that enough people will take action so we can stop it in time! Please pledge your help today!
Help us so we can help you!
Lynette Bishop RN JPQ
Candidate for Buderim
Katter's Australian Party

I will take your concerns on board. As you and your colleagues may already know after viewing Katter’s Australian Party Core Values and Principals on the web site below, that education of our own future generations are very high on the list of priorities in both Qld and throughout Australia for us all at the Australian Party. How else can we grow Australia if we don’t have the education to get our country back into our own hands in production, planning, health, and so many other areas too many to list.
As I cannot do so much apart from pass on your concerns until I am actually elected, I will keep this email in mind. Perhaps if you see me or Doug Anderson elected to represent the Burnett and /or Bundaberg electorates on the 24th March, that would be the time to remind me of this issue. There are hundreds of concerns for all of us, young and old, and we really appreciate people like yourself taking the time to bring our attention to them.
I have watched a lot of would be politicians speak during this campaign and the major issues are not education with the two major parties, more like just saying anything you want to hear, to get a vote.
We do not do that. We have a huge job ahead if elected and there are so many issues that will affect every Queenslander immediately if we don’t make total changes now.
I hope you see fit to endorse the true Australian Party with your votes, so we can make a difference as soon as possible.
Kevin Pauling
Burnett Electorate
Mobile: 0407 322 231 or 0414 322 996
P.O. Box 4288
Bundaberg South
Q.L.D. 4670

Hello Jill,
Thank you for your wonderful letter, reinforcing the importance of Teacher Librarians within schools.
I loved the way you sang the praises of MFAC !
I too am delighted with the College based on first hand experience. You see, my son Lachie Bishop-West is in Year 9MC there and he absolutely adores his school.
Jill, I concur fully with everything you have written in your letter. There where 3 main reasons I have chosen to leave my full time role as a Registered Nurse and embark on a political campaign with Katter's AUSTRALIAN PARTY.
Like so many of the population, I have become disillusioned and deeply concerned about the state of our nation, state and economy. Our major political parties are now parallel and paralised - no longer able to debate on policy as they are almost identical and so they can now only embark on personality attacks whist our country and it's values suffer.
My 3 critical areas of focus should I be elected will be as follows:-
1. Ensuring coal seam gas mining is halted in all agricultural areas. Science has not yet caught up with demand in this area, but what we do know it csg mining is causing catastrophic damage to farmland and underwater wells and this damage will render the land and water totally unsafe and destroyed for hundreds of years!
80% of Queensland is currently under application by mining companies (nearly all foreign owned) - yes 80%. And did you know mining is now as close as Beerwah and Tewantin? This news is not made available to the population as our leaders on both sides want it kept quiet as sadly, almost half of Qld current Members of Parliament on both sides have private interests / shares in these mining companies so it is in their personal best interest to see mining go ahead wherever possible.
NOTHING is more important than educating our public that our very food and water is under serious and immanent threat if these mining giants are not stopped.
2. Health - is my second passion and another area I will focus on. As a Registered Nurse of almost 30 years, I remain very concerned about health infrastructure here on the Sunshine Coast where a growing population of 350,000 are pretty much dependent on Nambour Base Hospital which is bursting at the seams under the demand placed upon it.
I've had it with political waste of valuable funds to build the hospital at Kawana and pathetic excuses used by both parties who allow the loss of life and patient suffering to continue! Enough is enough.
3. Finally, but no less importantly, education is my passion also. Our youth are our future and I fear many - no most - are being left behind by the education system. Again, millions and millions of dollars have been wasted on schemes and mismanagement and it's our children who suffer. Queensland children have been forgotten and have fallen behind national averages when it comes to results and this is inexcusable. Schools need more resources and support and teachers (like Nurses) need better pay and to be re-empowered again to take back control in the classroom and get back to teaching!
Of course this is not the case at MFAC and I am so grateful to see my son so joyous at school.
FYI I administered the flu shots to all staff there last year and will be back again this year and I am always impressed by the morale of the staff at Flinders! You are each a credit to the school and I love being a part of the community there.
So yes Jill, I undertake to fight long and hard for school Teacher Librarians as they are a valuable and essential resource for every student - and teacher!
I understand the school must be seen to be impartial, but if there is any way you could assist me in spreading the word that I am out there and there is a viable and credible voting alternative I would be so grateful for your support. I need your help if I am going to be able to help your cause.
Every Thursday night, between now and the election on 24th March, I hold meetings at the Mountain Creek Tavern from 6-8pm where I answer any questions about the Australian Party people may have and seek support from those who seek change and the return of Australian values and future financial security moving into the future. I would be delighted if you could attend or if you could spread the word that these meetings are on.
If you or anybody you know would be willing to assist me on election day, I need 50 volunteers to hand out how to vote cards at polling booths within the Buderim electorate.
I am sorry to have to ask, but this requires community education and effort if we are to facilitate change, stop the mismanagement of funds, sale of state assets and introduction of the carbon dioxide tax and most essentially, quickly ban csg mining in our finite and precious agricultural lands!
The Australian Party now has a candidate in almost every seat throughout Queensland so we are now a third MAJOR political party and are working hard to return democracy!
Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to catch up and discuss all these issues, including education, further.
Lynette Bishop RN JPQ
Candidate for Buderim
Australian Party

I fully support the email from Lynette. I am the father of newborn identical twin boys born on 21 Dec 2011. My wife Nida is a teacher and I am undertaking a Graduate Diplome in Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast in order to qualify as a teacher.
Peter Harris
Glass House candidate for KAP
mob 0450 427747

Just a short note to thank you for your recent letter sent to me in regard to the need for qualified teacher-librarians in all Primary and Secondary schools.
I will raise these issues with the members of Katter's Australian Party, and I will send you a more detailed reply in the very near future.
Kind regards
Aidan McLindon MP
State Leader
Katter's Australian Party