Mr Newman has asked me to thank you for your correspondence from the 21st February.
I would like to acknowledge your comments on this issue and appreciate that you have taken the time to contact us.
This tired 20 year old Labor Government has squandered opportunities to invest in our future and instead racked up $85 billion of debt. Meanwhile education standards in Queensland have slipped, resulting in our students lagging behind other states of Australia.
Labor has failed to get the basics right. Our children are missing out on the foundation of a good education and Queensland's literacy and numeracy results are ranked last or near last of all states across all year levels. The LNP is committed to revitalising our front line services and getting the basics right.
As the issue you have raised is related to a Parliamentary matter, I have forwarded your email on to Bruce Flegg, Shadow Minister for Education, for his attention and further consideration.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Only a change of Government can deliver a focus on growing our economy, so we can afford to give our children the foundation of a good education. With your help, we'll get Queensland Back on Track.
Kind regards,
Campbell Newman Team.

Mr Powell has received your letter dated 9 March and has asked me to thank you for contacting him.
No doubt you have also written to the Shadow Minister for Education, Dr Bruce Flegg MP to raise these issues as well. As this area is directly covered under Dr Flegg's portfolio he will be the correct person to respond on behalf of the LNP.
Thank you again for bringing this to Mr Powell's attention.
Kind regards
Alaina Megson
Electorate Officer for
Member for Glass House
Shadow Minister for the Environment

Note from the Queensland Teachers Union:

The consultative approach of the Queensland government in the discussion paper around school autonomy is in sharp contrast to the LNPs proposal for independent public schools, which it also announced without consultation last year. Modelled on a similar scheme in Western Australia, the LNP proposal would allow schools to make decisions about matters such as staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability.
The scheme is a throw-back to the Leading Schools dispute of the last Coalition government in Queensland.
The LNP claims that the teacher transfer system would be maintained and that teachers would continue to be employed under the terms of the enterprise bargaining agreement, without realising that its proposals cut across the current school based management guarantees of the current enterprise bargaining agreement.
The simple facts are that local “hiring and firing” makes it impossible to maintain anything like the current transfer system.
The scheme also involves a “single line budget” for all school expenses including teacher salaries. A similar scheme in New South Wales was exposed as a cost-cutting exercise in which principals were to be given responsibility and then have their budgets reduced. A “single line budget” means that principals would conceivably have to cut costs, including more experienced and highly paid teachers, to cover expenses.
In the absence of consultation with teachers on the LNP policy, the QTU is currently conducting a survey of members on the issue. Go to the QTU website to complete the survey.
These are important issues for teachers and state schools. The QTU will campaign on this and other educational and industrial issues in the lead-up to the state election on 24 March.
from QTU Member's Newsflash 04-12, 14 Feb 2012.

Dear Ms Leigh
I would like to thank you for your letter received by my office on 13 March 2012 advocating a number of issues on behalf of teacher librarians in charge of school libraries.
I can assure you I will do everything in my power to ensure that children of families in my electorate are not disadvantaged in their education pursuits and I would be very concerned to see any reduction in library services in the schools in my electorate.
I always appreciate the effort that members of the community take in bringing important matters to my attention to help me to work to improve Queensland's future.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is any State Government issue with which you require assistance.
Yours sincerely
Peter Dowling MP
Member for Redlands
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Reconstruction

Dear Toni
I acknowledge receipt of your letter regarding funding for employing teacher-librarians in Queensland's state schools.
I note that you have also sent this correspondence to my colleague Bruce Flegg, Shadow Minister for Education who would be best placed to respond to your request.
However, I have taken note of the issue you have raised.
Yours sincerely
Member for Maroochydore

Hello Shirley
Thank you for your email.
We welcome the opportunity to help you with this issue.
I have already been made aware of this issue by other constituents and intend to look into this matter after the elections.
I will contact you again once I have anything to report.
Michael Crandon MP
Member for Coomera
Phone: (07) 5514 0483
Fax : (07) 5514 0634
Toll Free: 1800 224 650

Dear Ms Leigh
Thank you for your letter emphasising the importance of teacher-librarians and school libraries and the need for adequate resourcing of school libraries.
We also wish to thank you for your Association's contributions to the identification of critical issues in education and for your advocacy of sound approaches to deal with those issués. The concerns that you have expressed coincide in several ways with the LNP's intentions to improve the ways Queensland's schooling is being provided. We are committed to getting Queensland "back on track" by, among other things, better planning, revitalising front line services for families and restoring accountability in Government. We are acutely aware of Queensland's poor literacy and numeracy performance relative to all other states and the ACT as shown by NAPLAN results and are committed to specific actions to redress this.
We believe that, in addition to adequate resourcing of schools, decisions on meeting students' learning needs are best made at the school level. Consequently key LNP policies provide for improved resourcing of schools and for school based decision making.
They are:
• Preparing our children for future success
• Getting the basics right - Literacy and Numeracy
• Boosting Prep for our children's future
• Independent Public School
Other LNP education policies are:.
  • eLearning for special need's students
  • Linking s6hools to university
  • Centenary of ANZAC
All these policies are published on the CANDOQLD web site.
We endorse the positions which you have expressed regarding the critical importance of the ability to read andof information literacy skills and the significant role of teacher-librarians.
Should the LNPbe elected to Government, we would appreciate being able to meet with your Association to discuss the issues you have raised.
With respect to the particular matters you have mentioned, I need to explain firstly that, for those items requiring additional funding, in the immediate future, an LNP Government would be constrained by the poor financial position of State finances.
The Bligh Labor Government has created an unsatisfactory budget deficit and an extraordinary level of debt (approaching $85 billion). Nevertheless, an LNP Government would provide what resourcing is possible and move swiftly to restore the State's financial position so that priority areas such as education can receive better future resourcing.
Additionally, as.announced at the LNP Campaign Launch, if the LNP is elected to Government, it is our intention to use part of the wealth to come from our resource industries over time to provide funding for improved schools and teaching We believe that this would be an effective use of funds, and, a more appropriate and responsible way to use that anticipated revenue than to hand out vouchers after students leave schol as Labor has. proposed.
Allowing for the current limitations of State finances, the LNP will support the profession of teacher-librarians and their staffing of libraries with specific resourcing being subject to what is possible.
The LNP also supports the maintaining of teacher-librarian professional qualifications through tertiary training courses and the collection of data on school library fucntions.
Thank you for raising these issues and providing the LNP with the opportunityto respond to them.It's time for a change. It's time to get Queensland back on track. Yours sincerely
Shadow Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for ATSI Partnerships

Wednesday 4th April
Dear Toni
Thank you for your correspondence dated 8 March 2012 in relation to the issue you haveraised that Queensland needs qualified teacher-librarians in charge in our primary and secondary school libraries.
The other issue you raised was for adequate funding for school libraries to be able to run effectively for the betterment of our school aged children.
I have taken the liberty of forwarding on your correspondence to the newly appointed Minister for Education, Training and Employment, Mr John-Paul Langbroek who I am sure will address the issue of qualified teacher-librarians in our primary and secondary schools.
I am supportive of all the good work the School Library Association of Queensland does for Queensland children in both our primary and secondary schools in particular in my electorate of Mermaid Beach.
Yours Sincerely
Mr Ray Stevens MP
Leaser of the House - Parliament of Queensland
State Member for Mermaid Beach
ELECTORATE OFFICESuite 44, Level 1 Niecon Plaza, Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach, QLD 4218 1 P0 Box 1056, Broadbeach, QLD 4218 Phone: (07) 5592 0071 1 Fax: (07) 5592 2301 1 Email: