Thank you for your letter of 21st February 2012.
I am happy to support your premise and have fond memories of my own schooling and time in various libraries. I would add that libraries are also in a great position to enhance their services and expertise, particularly in relation to Internet and software application training and usage as well as typing courses. (I am a touch typist and really value what I was taught years ago.)

I will support the profession of teacher librarianship and its value in building a literate and information literate nation.

I will support the establishment and maintenance of qualified staffing and support services for libraries in both primary and secondary schools.

I will support the sponsorship in tertiary training courses to ensure that, over a period of time, established staffing standards can be maintained.

I will support the collection of state data on school library staffing, funding and scheduling by requiring thorough and consistent collection by Education Queensland.

I will be adding a statement in my education platform advocating for well-staffed and funded 21st century school libraries for Australia's students and have added this to our forum located here:

I'd like to visit a library in Barron River if possible as soon as possible so I can get first hand information. Please let me know which one would be the most suitable.

This is basic stuff and I would be pleased if you can furnish me with any additional information I may need, particularly when corresponding in the media.

I am presently drafting a letter in relation to this for the Cairns Post. We have teachers in our family who do a wonderful job in somewhat difficult circumstances and we are happy to support anything we can do in their best interests and their students, our future generation.

Mike Squire